Links to sites with more information on bellringing

Where can you learn more?

There is a lot of information available on the web. Many other Bellringing societies maintain web-sites including local ringing information and references on bellringing in general.

Listed below are a few of those sites.

Some other Bellringing Societies

Some general Bellringing resources

Change Ringing on Wikipedia
Wikipedia has a fairly comprehensive and accurate overview of change-ringing.
The Changeringing Wiki
A Wiki dedicated to inforamtion on change-ringing.
Dove's Guide to Church Bells
A guide and catalogue listing all of the change-ringing bell-towers around the world.
The Ringing World - Bellboard
View the peals and quarter peals that have been rung around the world.
ART - The Association of RInging Teachers
The website of the Association of Ringing Teachers, the group under whom we teach our bellringing students.