The towers where we ring bells

Adelaide's Bell Towers

  • St.Peter's
  • St.Francis Xavier
  • St.Andrew's
  • St.Cuthbert's
  • Town Hall
  • Ringing Centre
The Tower
St.Peter's Cathedral, North Adelaide

Cast by Taylors of Loughborough and installed in 1946, this octave with a tenor of 2096kg in C is second in weight only to Sherbourne Abbey and is widely regarded as amongst the finest ring of bells in the world. The tenor, being over two imperial tons, is a great bell and named 'Great Frederick' for Frederick Lakeman, the benefactor. The bells were opened by a band of ringers from Sydney, who flew to Adelaide for the occasion in 1947, a significant adventure in itself! The bells are rung half-muffled for the annual ANZAC Day Parade and often feature during telecasts of cricket matches from the Adelaide Oval. Wedding bells are also frequently heard on Saturday afternoon.

The Bells
17-0-1356C1946John Taylor & Co
27-2-22390B1946John Taylor & Co
39-1-3471A1946John Taylor & Co
412-3-11652G1946John Taylor & Co
516-3-15857F1946John Taylor & Co
620-2-231051E1946John Taylor & Co
727-1-211393D1946John Taylor & Co
841-1-02095C1946John Taylor & Co
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